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When will I be invoiced?

Every effort is made to invoice before the show opens. The paid invoice will be emailed to you. For onsite orders every effort will be made to complete invoicing on the day of the order.

What are rates charged for Exhibitor orders?

Rental rates listed are charged for the duration of the show.

How are Exhibitor orders reserved?

Rental items are provided on a first-confirm basis. We recommend that you reserve your products as far in advance in order to guarantee availability. Due to demand on certain shows, we reserve the right to substitute with similar products as required.

How do I pay for orders?

Robinson accepts the following forms of payment:
• Interac E-transfer: please send payment to Lori@robinsonshowservices.ca
• Credit Card: If you elect to pay by credit card, your credit card will be charged within 24 hours - 3% charges on all American Express orders
• Cash: Payable in person only at the main office, prior to show. Not accepted at show site.
• Certified Cheque
• Wire Transfer: Customers can email Lori@Robinsonshowservices.ca for information.

A credit card number valid through the date of the event must be provided at the time of booking, it will be charged in the event of lost/damaged property. A valid credit card must be on file for security against the value of equipment rentals.

I would like to Change/Cancel an order. What should I do?

Rental Items:

All order changes/cancellations must be submitted via e-mail a minimum of 5 business days prior to your scheduled date of delivery. A 25% restocking fee will be applied to any rental reductions/cancellations occurring less than 5 business days of your delivery date.

Note: Orders involving custom builds and graphics, are subject to full payment upon time of order. Cancellation of confirmed orders will be charged the full order amount. Custom build changes will be billed accordingly.

When ordering items for my booth, what is my responsibility for Equipment Loss/ Damage?

Any equipment loss or damage incurred while the rental equipment is in customers' care, is the customers' responsibility. The client, (you), will be billed the replacement value of any equipment lost or damaged.
A valid credit card is required for security against the value of rental equipment, at time of the order.

When I arrive at showsite, what should I do?

Here is a simple "Show Arrival Plan": 1.) Register or check-in with the Show Exhibitor Desk or Registration Desk.
2.) Put on your safety shoes and any required safety equipment specified by the show.
3.) Check your booth space. Is the location and size correct?
4.) Is your freight in the booth? Compare each item to your shipping details. Missing and or damaged items should be reported to the Exhibitor Services Hub.
5.) Check if your booth carpet and booth furnishings have been delivered.
6.) See the Robinson Exhibitor Hub or Freight Representative, if your freight is not delivered.
7.) Make sure you have your valid /current tracking number and/or your freight waybill.
8.) If you have any challenges with your delivered booth equipment or the equipment is missing, please see the Robinson Exhibitor Hub.

What should I bring to show site?

Here is the short list of essentials you need: 1.) Safety Shoes - Ontario Law defines a trade show install as a construction site. 2.) Freight and courier tracking numbers and waybills. 3.) Access to your Robinson exhibitor orders. 4.) Access to electrical, cleaning, internet, rigging and other on-site orders. 5.) Outbound shipping details, including your carrier and final location to be shipped too. 6.) Cell phone - with connected service plan. Some facilities do not have immediate WiFi.

When will my ordered items arrive at my Booth?

Carpet ordered through Robinson should be set in your booth prior to Exhibitor move in.

If you have also ordered under carpet, electrical, please be sure the electrical is installed upon arrival to your booth. If not, please see the Electrical Exhibit Services Centre in the hall.

Furnishings will be delivered according to posted schedule, at the Exhibitor Services Hub. If you are moving in early, please be patient, as the schedule is intended for regular move in times.

When will my labor arrive, and how do I ensure it has been ordered?

Check in at the labour desk, in order to pick up your labourers. You may contact the Exhibitor Service Hub or Robinson Show Services (905-417-7789), to make sure your labour order has been placed.

When will items shipped to the advanced warehouse, be delivered to my Booth?

Items shipped to the Robinson Advance Warehouse, will, in most cases, be at your booth prior to your arrival.

What should I do if my expected shipments are not in my Booth?

Please make sure you have all of tracking numbers and shipping information, then proceed to the Robinson Exhibitor Hub. Robinson will check to see if the shipment has been received.

Robinson will not have your freight or shipments, under the following circumstances:

1.) Ship direct to the hotel or venue.
2.) Ship to a Business Centre, at the hotel or venue.
3.) Ship to a third party booth installation company.
4.) Ship directly with a courier company.
5.) Ship without using the show recommended Customs Broker.

What should I do with my empty containers?

There are a few options for storing your empty containers:

1.) Store them in your booth, under your table, behind your booth wall, beside your booth.
2.) If you need to store empties outside of your booth, follow these steps;

A.) Obtain "Empty Stickers" at the Exhibitor Services Hub, complete in full, and adhere firmly.
B.) If the show is providing on-site storage, leave your empties in the aisle.
C.) Some shows are self help, so you place your own empties in the designated storage areas.
D.) Make sure ALL of your empty containers, skids, boxes are clearly labeled.
D.) If you can, (if it's safe and accessible), have a look at where your empties are stored.
E.) Wrap and place all of your empties on one skid or container. It's harder to lose or misplace one larger item.

Please note: If your show has made arrangements for off-site storage of the empty containers, your empty containers will NOT be accessible during the show.

How do I get my empty containers back? When will they arrive?

Your empty containers will be returned at the close of the show, after the aisle carpet has been picked up. Depending on the size of the show, it can take several hours to return all empty containers. Please make sure to arrange your travel accordingly.

What help will Exhibitor Services Hub provide?

The Exhibitors Service Hub will assist with questions regarding orders, shipments, services, labor, invoice balance, empty stickers, material handling, loading, etc.

Do I need to check in with the Exhibitor Services Hub again?

You will need to stop by the Exhibitor Service Hub to complete your outbound shipment paperwork. Once your shipment is packed up and ready to go, you will fill in the piece count and return the form to the Exhibitor Service Hub. At this time you will also make sure all your labels are placed on the shipment. This paperwork allows Robinson to release your shipment to your outbound carrier.

Will there be security during the show to watch my booth?

No. If you have something valuable in your shipment, it is advised that you wait for your carrier to arrive. Also, do not label boxes with the contents (i.e., plasma screen, computer equipment). If your shipment contains high valued materials or goods, it is recommended wrapping with black shrink wrap.

If your booth contains high value items, please check with Show Manager about securing additional protection in the form of a separate Security Guard or order a security cage from Robinson.

What is Freight Free aisles?

On larger shows freight free aisles are established to allow movement through the show during move in & move out.

These aisles are intended to be kept clear, to allow a flow of items through the show. Maintaining freight free aisles allows for a smooth movement for all. Please be sure to keep your empties adjacent to your booth and out of the freight free aisles, to allow your neighbors to pass effectively.

Can't be onsite to set up your Exhibiton Booth?

Robinson Show Services can help. Robinson offers onsite Labour, Supervisory and Carpentry options, for your booths. See options available under "Shipping & Services"to choose the correct labour type for your Exhibit needs.

LABOURER A labourer is a general worker, suitable for the installation of pop-up booths and uncomplicated installation. Typically labour is Exhibitor supervised. If the Exhibitor is not present or able to supervise, Robinson Show Services will provide this service for you. A 35% surcharge is applicable for this supervision.

SUPERVISOR Supervisors are experienced tradeshow specialists able to lead larger crew and or more difficult set ups.

CARPENTER Carpenters are experienced in custom booth builds, millwork, cutting and drilling.

Keeping your labour costs down

Set up & dismantle labour is estimated based on the details you provide.

In order to speed the process, please include as many of the following as possible:

- Set up plans/photos of completed set up
- Drawing of crate contents
- Crate numbering with contents
- Electrical plan/drawing attached
- Under carpet wiring plan attached
- Graphics shipped and labelled separately

Please remember booths/assets move from show to show and installer to installer, as such, they are prone to damage. Labour times will vary based on how the booth was previously packed, detailed instructions, photos provided. Final labour billing will be based on actual time spent on installation/dismantle of booth.