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Floor marking and setting are the first steps to setting your show. This is the overview of how we start and finish the on-site process of building your show.


Our Team mark's the floor with the approved floor plan as the guide. With white shoe polish, gaffe tape or chalk (outdoor marking), the booths and other show elements are marked on the floor. We then complete the exhibitor orders, freight deliveries and aisle carpet installation. 

Line Marking Paint.jpg
Marking the Floor

Floor marking is the second step in ensuring your show has a set plan that meets all codes and follows the approved plan.


Step one, is having an AutoCad plan designed by Robinson and submitted for approval to the facility.


In a nutshell, we have a few team members onsite with tape measures and we mark your floor in accord with the pre-approved CAD plans.

Black Draped Booth - Aisle booth.jpg
Setting the Floor

This is the physical process of setting the booth elements in place. Pipe & drape, hard-wall etc.


On most shows, the Install Team is following the marks and guides created on the floor by the Floor Marking Team.

Photo 2018-10-01, 5 57 45 PM.jpg
Exhibitor Orders

After the booth elements are in place we like to number the booths, (especially in carpeted venues where we can't mark the floor). This helps our team find the correct orders for each booth, including freight deliveries.


Finally, a well marked booth helps your Exhibitor's find their booth. 

Aisle Carpet

Aisle carpet is the last major item  to be completed before the opening of the show, and it is also the most costly. Depending on the size, (and revenue), of your show, aisle carpet installation can consume one third to half of the labour required for the entire show. It is labour intensive, back breaking work. It has to be done well or your attendees will trip.


Note; If the floor is not marked well, or booth elements have moved during the install, those runs of aisle carpet, may not be straight.Aisle carpet needs to be set only after your Exhibitors have moved in. Dollies or heavy items moving across the carpet will cause shifting .

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