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Without the movement of freight into and out of the show, there would be no show.


- Adam Robinson

Freight, transportation or logistics is the most important element in any show. Without equipment and goods coming to show site, there would be no show.


In its simplest form, a Show Decorating Company is a specialized moving company. Our business is logistics, we move you in and we move you out. Efficiency in labour, efficiency in logistics management and well organized plan for move-in and move-out are the determining factors for show success. 

The Show Decorator should know how to get to your show, it's your Exhibitors who need good details &  forms, (Exhibitor Kit), a patient, knowledgeable, attitude, (Exhibitor Services Team), a good carrier, (Trucking Company), and a very good Customs Broker (crossing the border).

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Exhibitor Services

Your designated Exhibitor Services Representative will answers questions, help fill out forms and organize the exhibitor freight process for Exhibitors and Sponsors..


All forms can be found online in your designated Show Exhibitor Kit.

Trucking Company

The freight forwarder and/or trucking company transport the freight to the show and back again


If you have local Toronto shipments, Robinson can assist. Contact Us


For out-of-town or international shipments, please reach out to our Trusted Transportation partners listed below.

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Customs Broker

International and US Exhibitors require a Customs Broker to clear the freight and navigate the customs process.


Most international shows have a designated Customs Broker that knows your show. Check with your Show Kit for these details.


Below we have listed our preferred partners.

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