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Registration is where your show begins.


Add graphics, custom signage and sponsorship options to add life, colour and theme to your show's first impression.


Ask Robinson about our environmentally friendly signage options using 4k monitors for messaging and images rather than printed graphics.

Dual Height (no header)

straight registration dual height.jpg
0-dual height no header.jpg
dual height no header 2.jpg

Dual Height (with header)

reg counter 2.jpg
registration counters with header.jpg
0-dual height with header.jpg

1.5M Straight Counter-Contemporary

dual height 1.5 contemporary counter.jpg
registration counter pxp.jpg

1.5M Straight Counter with Flag-Contemporary

registration counter with flag.jpg

1.5M Curved Counter-Contemporary

contemporary curved counter.jpg
0-1.5M Curved Counter-Contemporary brand

Custom Registration Counter

1-20180415_195239 (1).jpg
1.5M Curved Counter-Contemporary branded
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