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Choosing a Show Services Company?


When making a choice on a supplier we create a spreadsheet and use a checkmark or grid to compare the different values. If you are all about money then the choice is easy. If you are looking for value, depth and partnership, you need to consider Robinson.

In Meeting

Do you like the Company and the Team you will be working with?

Sharing core values, and business  characteristics with your Decorator can help your show. Are you a  small company dealing with a big company? Are you fast and furious Manager and need instant answers and collaboration for you and your exhibitors? 

Compatibility is about FIT, in all areas.

Compatibility is about right-sizing. 

Men with Calculator

Was the quote competitive?


Show Services is a difficult business to quote for new shows or when you are asking for alternative quotes. In the show services world, you only know the show when you have built it.

If you are looking for pricing, make sure you are comparing apples with



Knowing your show and providing the right details will assist you in getting realistic pricing that fits both your budget and that of your Exhibitors. 

Busy Conference
How Busy

You may be wondering why we put this here. However, do you want your Show Services Company working on 20 other shows the same day as yours?


Ask each company "how busy are you that week?" If it's October, May or the end of September, that answer should be "very busy". Some companies have a Red Zone which means no more business.


At Robinson, if we are too busy, we'll tell you we can't do your show. You want a company paying full attention to your business. Do you want to be one of many small fish swimming around in a large pond? Or the largest fish swimming in the Robinson pond?

hitech show - guestteq.jpg

Do you need the biggest company in North America to do your show, or does the Number Four Company in size, Robinson, have what it takes to produce your show? We like to think we are the right-size for many shows, if it's too big we'll say no, HUGE is just not our market. If you're not HUGE, you should talk to Robinson.

Check out our Floor Plans to see what we can do for you.

2016-11-11 15.47.41_edited.jpg

Your show venue can have an impact on the best choice of your Decorator. Robinson is a specialist at medium sized shows in Hotels and Convention Centres. 


Robinson Show Services can't work at Exhibition Place, the only Toronto Location we do not service, we don't, and won't, subscribe to the required Union, we are Local 27 Carpenters.


We are, however, fast and nimble, perfect for 1-2 Hall shows, and perfect for any size Hotel or any suburban Hall.


We'll say it again. Show Services is a Labour Equation.


Your show labour effectiveness and efficiency dictates how much money it costs to install and dismantle your show.

If you have effective labour you can move mountains. With an ineffective team your labour will double or triple. Get a good, young Team from Robinson, those labour savings add up to lower prices for you and your Exhibitors.

Investment Chart
Trying & Dying

Robinson Show Services wants to win your business. With some Shows, we have the opportunity to quote a show by matching existing prices, and we hope the show will be successful for everyone. Occasionally, despite our renowned efficiency, full exhibitor marketing and putting the show on Adam's back to do it all, we still can't turn a profit. 


Respectfully, this means your Show Management pricing is too low and your show does not have sufficient exhibitor revenue to support your current pricing.


Trade Show Conference
Exhibitor Support

Exhibitors are the backbone of most shows. They pay for the space that allows the entire show process to move forward. Without a successful exhibitor base, there would be no show.


Robinson understands the need to provide excellent service, responsiveness and value for your exhibitors.


Their success, is our success, and when they are happy, they come back smiling and re-sign for another year. Let us show you how we can keep your exhibitors smiling.

Networking Event
Who is your Team?

Experience counts for a lot in the world of shows and events. Spotting problems before they occur is a learned skill from working hundreds of shows in every venue. Having a solid, experienced Team behind you always matters.


Having the Owners stand with you as part of your Event Team is the bonus you get working with Robinson Show Services. 


Together we make your show happen!

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