Warehousing is part of the "Freight and Transportation Process". Tradeshows are a "Just In Time" business.


You can't have late freight, delayed freight, lost and missing freight, customs clearance delays or mis-directed freight. The show will not wait for your freight  to arrive.


For this reason, most Tradeshow freight is sent via specialized carriers, sent VIP and sent "EARLY". The "Advance Warehouse" is able to accommodate  freight arriving early for the show, and the "Post Show Warehouse" is for your show equipment that needs to wait before departing, can't be picked  up at the venue or its "waiting" to ship to the next show or event. 

Advance Warehouse

Advance Freight is your shipment stored "before" the show moves-in.


It has arrived early, sits in our warehouse, ready to move-in on Day One.


It's peace of mind, secure, reliable and relaxing to know your freight is "first on the floor" when it moves through the Advanced Warehouse.

Post Show Warehouse

Post Show Freight is the "after the show process".


The show may end  on a Sunday, (no carrier) or on a Holiday, or it may be located in  a venue where your carrier can't pick-up, like a hotel or a small convention centre.


Your carrier now picks up from our Post Show warehouse during business hours. 

Safe, secure, reliable.

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