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What is Show Services?

Show Services Company, Trade Show Decorator, Trade Show Contractor are all the same thing. A company that sets-up Trade shows. Please be aware, you also want a Full Service Contractor, a company that can do it all for you and your exhibitors today, and in years from now when your show has grown. Don't be fooled into thinking that a Party Rental Company, or two men in a Buick are Full Service Trade Show Decorators. 

We have listed below what we consider the defining elements of a Trade Show Full Service Contractor.

Floor Plans &


A Full Service Show Services Company will have an in-house Design and Graphics Team able to quickly and correctly provide and update your show AutoCad floor plans. A trained AutoCad Designer is required to produce and edit the floor plans required for submission to the Facility for show approval.


Robinson Show Services has an AutoCad Designer, two Design Assistants, who also do floor plans, and one Graphics Coordinator. To keep all of this moving for you, we have five high speed AutoCad and design stations. All stations are operating on a secure Lan Network connected by a super fast, Fibre backbone.

System Metal


Trade show companies build booths, set up registration areas and entrance units  with interlocking, extruded aluminium parts known as System Metal, Octanorm, GEM System, (GES), or MIS System Metal, (Freeman). Your Tradeshow Decorator requires a solid inventory to effectively look after the shows needs and Exhibitor Booth Builds. 

Dedicated "Show" Inventory

Your show decorator requires an inventory that works for you. That should include tables, chairs, drape, carpet and furniture. Ask your Decorator how much aisle carpet they have and how many 100 booth shows they can do at the same time. If the answer is "one", maybe that company doesn't have the depth you need. 

Exhibitor Kit

There are only a handful of Full Service Tradeshow Decorators in the GTA. Exhibitor Kit Reviews, or comparisons are a good way to find out who can do the job, and who the best Partner is for your job. Is the Kit complete, professional and easy for Exhibitors to use? What kind of equipment is displayed in the kit? What pricing is available to Exhibitors?


At Robinson, we own everything in the Kit, Ask your Show Services Company what they own, and what's borrowed or cross rented?

If the company you currently do business with is just the middle man, what are you paying for and where's the value? 

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