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Your show costs money, for the space, for cleaning, garbage removal, internet, electrical and show services. This section asks the question, who is paying? Is it the exhibitors, is it all Show Management or is it balanced formula? One of the crucial elements of any show is the move-in, and the move out, material handling and drayage. Material handling or logistics is the movement of freight from the docks, to the booths, with storage of crates during the show, and then back to the booths and out of the hall. It's crucial that you, the Show Manager, decides how this will happen on your show. If the Show Management invoice is low then exhibitor pricing may have to be high, as someone has to pay.

Networking Event
Show Manager Pays

In this scenario, you, the Show Manager is picking up the tab for mostly everything in the show. You might have given the exhibitors a Booth Package, taken care of the Material Handling for them and even carpeted the exhibit booths. 

White Stairs
Exhibitor Pays

With the Exhibitor pays scenario, you, the Show Manager, just provide the space, a basic booth space, nothing else. Your Trade Show Decorator offers options for Exhibitors  to purchase  or rent all other show needs. This option can quickly add up for your exhibitors especially if they are paying for Material Handling. 


This is the most common scenario. The Show Manager pays for some of the required show items an Exhibitor would need, and the Exhibitors pay for some of the items. It may or may not be balanced, in terms of amounts paid, but, there is a sense of fairness with both the Exhibitors and Show management covering the cost of some items.

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